Getting to Know the MJLH, vol 9: Samantha Allen, Executive Managing Editor

Posted By Katarina Daniels

What is the best part of your role as Executive Managing Editor of the MJLH?

I really enjoy working with a broad range of students, who become a great team, on topics that are important from an interdisciplinary perspective; this is truly what has brought me back to the MJLH year after year. The breadth of talent that the students on this Board bring to the journal is inspiring, and it has really helped me grow both as a law student and as a person.  The challenge of bringing so many bright ideas to fruition over the course of the year, and being a part of the team responsible for fostering dialogue at so many Faculty events, is what makes this job so rewarding. As Executive Managing Editor, I now have more responsibility to ensure that our Board members’ ideas are fully developed so that we continue to enhance the visibility of health law issues on a large scale. I am really looking forward to overseeing our team’s ever growing success, but it would not be possible to do without the contributions of each and every member of the Management Board. Being a part of this team is by far the best part of my role.

What did you do this summer?

This past summer I worked full-time at Stikeman Elliott’s Montreal Office. It was a great opportunity to sharpen some of the basic skills that will be of use to me as a lawyer in the future.

Quelles sont vos ressources préférées pour les nouvelles de la santé?

The MJLH blog of course! It is always refreshing to be able to see what our Online Board members’ perspectives are on a variety of important issues. The posts are always very thought-provoking. I encourage you to check it out!

What attracted you to join the MJLH?

As a first year, the journal’s focus on health law was a big draw for me. I had a lot of experience in health policy as an undergraduate student, and I was curious to see how I could continue to pursue my interest in health issues as a law student.

Quels sont vos festivals d’été préférés de Montréal?

The Comedy Fest- hands down. I love catching one of their many themed shows. There is nothing better than spending an evening laughing.

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