Volume 9, Issue 1 (9:1 – 2015-16)

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Why the Government of Canada Won’t Regulate Assisted Human Reproduction: A Modern Mystery
Dave Snow, Françoise Baylis & Jocelyn Downie (pp. 1-15)

Examining the National Regulatory Environment of Medical Devices: Major Issues in the Risk-Benefit Assessment of High-Risk Devices
Ghislaine Mathieu & Bryn Williams-Jones (pp. 17-68)

Patient Safety Incidents and Protection of Quality Assurance Activities: Legislative and Jurisprudential Responses in Canada
Louise Bélanger-Hardy & Caroline Quesnel (pp. 69-104)

L’exigence de maintien de traitement chez le patient à l’inconscience irréversible
Catherine Paschali (pp. 105-172)