Volume 14, Issue 1 (14:1, 2020)


End-of-Life Care for Federally Incarcerated Individuals in Canada

Adelina Iftene & Jocelyn Downie (pp. 1-50)

Interpreting Eligibility Under the Medical Assistance in Dying Law: The Experiences of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners   

Thomas McMorrow, Ellen Wiebe, Ruchi Liyanage, Sabrina
Tremblay-Huet & Michaela Kelly (pp. 51-108)

Genetic Counsellors, Legal Recognition, and the Road Less Travelled

Dimitri Patrinos, Roxanne Caron, Bartha Maria Knoppers, GenCOUNSEL Study, and Ma’n H. Zawati (pp. 109-144)