Volume 3, Issue 1 (3:1 – 2009)

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Virginie Marier (p. 1)


Take Your Medicine?: The Risk of Patient-Led Litigation in Canada’s Medicine Access System
Amir Attaran (pp. 3-20)

Intra-Familial Obligations to Communicate Genetic Risk Information: What Foundations? What Forms?
Gillian Nycum, Bartha Maria Knoppers, & Denise Avard (pp. 21-48)

The Mud and the Blood and the Beer: Canada’s Progressive Licensing Framework for Drug Approval
Ron A. Bouchard & Monika Sawicka (pp. 49-84)

Empirical Analysis of Canadian Drug Approval Data 2001-2008: Are Pharmaceutical Players “Doing more with Less”?
Monika Sawicka & Ron A. Bouchard (pp. 85-119)

L’obligation d’accommodement au Canada et l’obligation française de reclassement: covergences, divergences et impacts sur le maintien en emploi du salarié en état d’incapacité
Anne-Marie Laflamme et Sophie Fantoni-Quinton (pp. 121-136)

Lost in Translation?: The Disability Perspective in Honda v. Keays and Hydro-Québec v. Syndicat
Judith Mosoff (pp. 137-149)