Volume 1, Issue 1 (1:1 – 2007)

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Editors Note
Daniel L. Ambrosini & Reuven Ashtar (p. 1)

Foreword / Avant-Propose
Nicholas Kasirer (pp. 3-4)


The Private Sale of Cancer Drugs in Ontario’s Public Hospitals: Tough Issues at the Public/Private Interface in Health Care
Colleen M. Flood & Lorian Hardcastle (pp. 5-22)

Reflections on the Commercialization of Research Conducted in Public Institutions in Canada
Jocelyn Downie & Matthew Herder (pp. 23-44)

Santé publique et nouveaux rôles du médecin
Christine Noiville & Florence Bellivier (pp. 45-52)

Women at Risk: Embryonic and Fetal Stem Cell Research in Canada
Françoise Baylis & Caroline McInnes (pp. 53-67)

Defining the Standard of Prenatal Care: An Analysis of Legislative and Judicial Response
Kristin Ali (pp. 69-81)

Legal Aspects of Animal-Human Combinations in Canada
Sylvie Bordet, Sabrina Feldman & Bartha Maria Knoppers (pp. 83-99)


Interface of Law and Ethics in Canadian Research Ethics Standards: An Advisory Opinion on Confidentiality, its Limits & Duties to Others
Derek J. Jones and Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) (pp. 101-115)

PRE’s Opinion on the Interface of Law and Ethics: The “Law of the Land” Doctrine in All But Nam
John Lowman & Ted Palys (pp. 117-122)

Afterword / Postface
Jean-Louis Baudouin (p. 123)