Volume 12, Issue 1 (12:1, 2018)


A Critique of Canadian Jurisprudence on the Therapeutic Privilege Exception
to Informed Consent
Michael Ralph Hadskis (pp. 1-28)

The Legal Status of Deep and Continuous Palliative Sedation without Artificial Nutrition and Hydration
Jocelyn Downie & Richard Liu (pp. 29-66)

Canadian Consent and Capacity Regulation: Undermining Dementia Research and Human Rights?
Adrian Thorogood, Gratien Dalpé, David McLauchlan & Bartha Knoppers (pp. 67-122)

Learning from JJ: An Interdisciplinary Conversation about Child Welfare, Health Care, and Law
Shauna Van Praagh, Jean-Frédéric Ménard, Marjorie Montreuil, Crystal Noronha, Victoria Talwar & Franco A Carnevale (pp. 123-156)