Getting to know the MJLH: Rosel Kim, Senior Online Editor

Posted By Rosel Kim 25- Sep. 25, 2012


1. Pourquoi le droit de la santé?

I discovered that health law is a very concrete way to apply my interests in women’s rights and anti-racism, when you’re asking question about who gets (or doesn’t get) access to treatment, or investigating patients’ right to informed consent or privacy rights.

2. What was your favourite MJLH moment?

When Insite Vancouver started following us on Twitter. (You can follow the MJLH @McGill_JLH)

3.  What is the quirkiest thing about McGill law?

There are many, but I think the variety of snack (or dinner) choices at Coffeehouses is always delightful. Every week I live in anticipation guessing what I will encounter: Samosas, pizza slices, tiny meatballs, or pesto in a syringe you squirt directly into your mouth… everything is possible.

4.  Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été ?

J’ai fait un stage au Réseau juridique canadien VIH/SIDA (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, I researched various issues including prisoners’ access to health care, sex workers’ rights, and the human rights implications of the newest HIV prevention strategy, Treatment as Prevention.

5. What are you doing when you’re not at the journal or at law school?

I occasionally write book reviews for the Montreal Review of Books ( and try to discover Montreal’s best cheap dining spots.

Getting to know the MJLH: Kaitlin Soye, Executive Online Editor

Posted By Kaitlin Soye 202- Sep. 20, 2012


1. Pourquoi le droit de la santé?

My pre-law studies are in biomedical science. I engaged in pre- and post-clinical research investigating the effect and role of alternative therapeutics for viral infections. My academic interest in science is predominantly in alternative and natural therapeutics, and as I have transitioned into legal studies my area of interest is now in the regulation, access, and control of these novel and natural therapeutics in the western medical system. This is what peaks my interest in health law!

2. What was your favourite MJLH moment?

My favourite moment was at last year’s Colloquium on Safe Injection Sites. I have to opportunity to sit down with a former RCMP officer, his current position involves training police officers to be more aware of the particularities and health considerations when interacting with citizens who have drug addiction problems. I appreciated learning about the depth and consideration of the legal community surrounding this major issue.

3.  What is the quirkiest thing about McGill law?

I’m not sure if it’s quirky, but for the 2011 incoming class, we joined the faculty during an administrative strike. We were introduced to faculty procedures running on a skeleton, it worked for us because we didn’t know any better! When the strike was resolved, it was awkward for us to transition back into the strong support system that it exists at the faculty and again be the group that has no idea what was going on!

4.  Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été?

This summer I took a number of classes so that I may finish the LLB/BCL in 3 years. I also worked at the Centre for Genomics and Policy researching issues of retroactive biobank consent, ethical and legal considerations for genotype-driven research participant recruitment, as well as social and legal considerations for novel C. difficile treatments.

5. What are you doing when you’re not at the journal or at law school?

When I am not in school, sitting stationary at a desk or in a class, I like to be active. I coach the women’s lacrosse team at McGill. I am also a runnier, half-marathon is my favourite distance, so I like to keep up my training. And, this summer I competed in my first triathlon, and I hope to do more races in the future!

Getting to know the MJLH: Daniel Mastine, Executive Managerial Editor

Posted By Kaitlin Soye – Sep. 15, 2012

Introducing: Daniel Mastine, Executive Managerial Editor

1.  Pourquoi le droit de la santé?
It never fails to amaze me at just how powerfully health care delivery/rights directly impacts individuals and communities. When I reflect it seems that Health Law and I really chose each other. It was a buried interest that at least initially, I never foresaw leading anywhere. A practicing Nurse of 7 years, I found I could never get enough exposure to patient advocacy situations in the clinical setting. Additionally I have also always been passionate about learning what makes the Quebec Health Care System tick; how its various elements interact. For some odd reason, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the dialogue that shapes and promotes how the system evolves.

So from Nursing I turned to public policy and public administration, completing a Master in the field. The further I delved into public policy the more I realized that health governance is, at its heart, significantly influenced by legal frameworks that only law school could help me understand and interact with. So ultimately I see myself as working to gradually blend my background and expertise towards legal health policy making. I guess it was only natural that upon my arrival to the faculty, that I would be attracted to the MJLH.

2. What was your favourite MJLH moment?
My favorite moment would have to be when I confirmed the final speaker for last year’s continuing legal education forum on the McGill University Health Center’s “Super-hospital Project.” Instantly I knew that the event was going to be a unique experience. It would bring together key players that made a multi-billion dollar project come to fruition; a project that is going to significantly change the face of the how specialized health services are delivered on the island of Montreal and throughout the province. It would also showcase the decision making process for the project and outline how the various players were able to bring it all together.

The event was really a team effort, with the entire MJLH rallying to pull off a very interesting and successful forum. The fact that we had managed to get the lawyer in charge of writing up the agreement, the president of the construction consortium, and the ministry of finance director who supervised the process, was indeed a coup. Sitting in the wings was the hospital’s director of legal services, and a host of other important people. I was later advised that even at the height of the negotiations for the agreement; these individuals had never met all at one, more than a handful of times before.

In my mind this was a concrete example of the MJLH facilitating a dialogue between players in the health care system. To me it illustrates that the MJLH punches above its weight, even outside of the parameters of its publication mandate.

3.  What is the quirkiest thing about McGill law?
Probably the quirkiest thing about McGill Law is the building itself. There are large swaths of the building that see near continuous use and then there are others that hardly ever see any activity at all. There are the old sections that comprise the faculty, mixed rather haphazardly, with those of the new. Certain doors are open at certain hours and others are not accessible at all, or have been blocked off.

Lighting for many of these areas is also time specific. On numerous occasions I have been in the middle of a study session only to have the lights go off in an entire section. Wi-Fi signal varies from minute to minute, sometimes it seems by the way one tilts one’s head. I’m not aware of any metal artifacts being present in my head, so I am at a loss to explain this rather interesting phenomenon.

4.  Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été ?

This summer I kept myself very occupied but also took some time to travel. I spent a month in Europe, visiting large parts of: France, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy. While I wasn’t travelling, I was also working at local area CLSC’s as both a clinic and home care nurse. Needless to say the summer passed very quickly and it almost feels as though I somehow misplaced it somewhere. I’m presently working on trying now to find it again; but will probably reside myself to having lost, this one at least, for good.

5. What are you doing when you’re not at the journal or at law school?

HA…when is this exactly…let me think? I actually moved closer to school this past summer. It’s great because it offers the convenience of going home for lunch and stumbling to or from the library late at night.  And yes, occasionally coffeehouse!

Problem is it can also feel like I’m NEVER NOT at school or working on the journal. So from time to time I head out to the Eastern Townships at my parents. Lots of stuff to see and do: animals, 4 wheelers, cooking, skiing, horseback riding, etc… I also try to jog the mountain a couple of evenings a week, assuming the weather is good and I haven’t started exams prep.

Introduction à la RDSM: Marie-Laure Tapp, Rédactrice Exécutive pour le Français

Posted By Rosel Kim – Sep. 10, 2012

J’aimerais vous présenter Marie-Laure Tapp, Rédactrice Exécutive pour le Français

1.  Pourquoi le droit de la santé?

Le droit de la santé, peu importe sous quel angle on l’analyse, touche profondément toutes les strates de la population sur des enjeux qui provoquent presque sans exception des réactions fortes et de virulents débats. Il traite de l’intégrité physique des gens et des systèmes afférents, ne laissant personne indifférent. Non seulement aborde-t-il de sujets concrets et mobilisateurs mais, étant souvent lié de près à la science, il évolue à un rythme trépidant rendant son étude passionnante.

2. What was your favourite MJLH moment?

Talking to the Journal members when I ran for the Executive French Editor position last year. It felt great to try to beat the nervousness to expose the vision and ideas I had for the French Editorial Board and the Journal in general.

3.  What is the quirkiest thing about McGill law?

The astounding capability of its students to over-think and endlessly debate on everything, often in two languages, with just the right dose of dark humor. And of course the fact that we are all quirky ourselves but that it all ends up blending together in a very inspiring and challenging student melting pot.

4.  Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été ?

J’ai fait un stage dans un cabinet d’avocat canadien à Beijing.

5. What are you doing when you’re not at the journal or at law school?

I run (for the obvious health benefits, but also to be more focused and efficient when I’m at the journal and at law school!) and read (…too many newspaper articles).

Getting to know the MJLH: Francesca Taddeo, Executive English Editor

Posted By Kaitlin Soye – Sep. 5, 2012

Introducing Francesca Taddeo, Executive English Editor

1. Pourquoi le droit de la santé?   

I am interested in health law because it is an area which affects each and every one of us in various ways, and with which we will have interactions during our whole lives. Also, my background is in public policy – health law is an area were law and public policy are always interacting, and this allows me to be involved in both disciplines.

2. What was your favourite MJLH moment?

There are two for me. The first was the launch of Volume 5, which happened shortly after I joined the journal. It was great to meet past and new members and get a sense of what being involved with the MJLH meant. My second was seeing the first article I had worked on as an editor be published. It was rewarding to see the results of all the hard work of the editorial team come to fruition!

3.   What is the quirkiest thing about McGill law?

I don’t know if it can be qualified as quirky, but I love the diversity of the student body and how students are not shy about sharing their perspectives or opinions, whether it be inside or outside the classroom. It rarely makes for a dull moment at the Faculty.

4. Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été ?

Cet été, j’ai voyagé et ai travaillé comme assistante de recherche ici à la Faculté. J’ai aussi fait du bénévolat à la Clinique d’information juridique à McGill.

5.What are you doing when you’re not at the journal or at law school?

Running is a must for me, and being Italian, so is cooking! I also play guitar, read, and am involved in various volunteering activities.