MJLH Podcast 2020 – Covid Conversations

Did you know that the McGill Journal of Law and Health has a podcast? 

The MJLH/RDSM Podcast aims to share informative and interesting episodes about current issues of law and policy relating to health. There are currently two episodes released as part of the Podcast’s new series, Covid Conversations

In the first episode, Sidney Black-Rotchin spoke with licensed psychologist Eric Widdicome. Eric holds a position at a university in Montreal, where he provides mental health services to students, and is also a service provider for Kahnawake Shakotiia’takenhas Community services. Sidney and Eric discussed student mental health in the age of COVID-19, how to build and maintain connections with your peers while remote learning, and more.

In the second episode, Bianca Braganza looked at the findings of the May 2020 report from Public Health Ontario, which examined neighborhood-level trends among COVID-19 cases through a health-equity perspective. She then sat down with Dr. Vinita Dubey, Associate Medical Officer of Health at Toronto Public Health. Bianca and Dr. Dubey talked about the report’s findings of social determinants of health, the long-term effects of COVID-19, and the role youth play in flattening the curve, along with several other topics.

Episodes can be found on Spotify and other platforms, as well as at this link:  https://anchor.fm/mcgill-journal-of-law-and-health/episodes/Welcome-to-the-new-MJLHRDSM-Podcast-series-COVID-Conversations-ehngrr

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