The McGill Journal of Law and Health (MJLH) | Revue de droit et santé de McGill (RDSM) is a peer-reviewed academic journal featuring literature from renowned academics and practitioners on current issues of law and policy relating to health. Publishing annually since 2007 on topics ranging from medical practice and technology, to intellectual property and medical ethics, the MJLH is a bilingual, student-run venture based at the Faculty of Law of McGill University, and operates within an interdisciplinary and transsystemic framework of legal scholarship.

To date, MJLH articles have been cited in at least three decisions by the Supreme Court of Canada: R v Mabior, 2012 SCC 47, [2012] 2 SCR 584; Cuthbertson v Rasouli, 2013 SCC 53, [2013] 3 SCR 341; and Reference re Assisted Human Reproduction Act, 2010 SCC 61, [2010] 3 SCR 457. This amounts to approximately one SCC citation for every twelve articles published by the MJLH. MJLH articles have also been cited in at least two Court of Appeal decisions: R v Bear (CW), 2013 MBCA 96, and Adoption — 1445, 2014 QCCA 1162.

An open-access philosophy means that the MJLH’s scholarship is available at no cost to the legal community and the public at large. The MJLH is freely available online at http://mjlh.mcgill.ca, or as a hardcopy subscription upon request for a small fee to cover printing costs. The Journal is also accessible through leading legal databases such as Quicklaw, WestlaweCARSWELL, and HeinOnline, as well as in print in many law libraries across North America.

The MJLH-online

Complementing the MJLH’s core publishing activities and furthering its open-access philosophy, the MJLH-online encourages active discussion and debate on current topics in health law, policy and ethics. Its aim is to create a dynamic community of scholars, students, and practitioners (as well as others with an interest in the MJLH’s content) to further enrich the scholarly endeavour of the MJLH.

MJLH-online features original, web-only content, including the MJLH’s new Health Law Blog. Consisting of short, academic, non-academic and opinion pieces on hot topics in the field (or in response to articles published in the MJLH), the Health Law Blog provides yet another avenue for the MJLH’s readers to engage with their peers in the field.  Feel free to take part in the debate by posting comments in response to articles or Blog entries at http://mjlh.mcgill.ca. Also keep an eye out for future initiatives, such as our online database of health law resources and links, as well as a real-time RSS feed of Canadian health law cases.