Getting to Know the MJLH, vol 9: Jennifer Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

Posted By Katarina Daniels

What is the best part of your role as Editor-in-Chief of the MJLH?

As trite as this may sound, the best part is the wonderful executive team with whom I get to work! I am constantly amazed at – and grateful for – their talent, creativity, enthusiasm, and drive! We have a busy and challenging year ahead of us, but I can’t imagine a better group of people to take it on. Although in this position I’ll have less direct interaction with our members than in the past, their phenomenal contributions to the MJLH cannot go unmentioned.

Apart from the “human factor,” being Editor-in-Chief means overseeing many exciting projects in law and health: our Colloquium and other events, our blog posts, and of course the fascinating journal articles we publish in every issue.

What did you do this summer?

To kick off the summer, I had the privilege of being one of 10 McGill law students – along with Kat Daniels, the MJLH Executive Online Editor – chosen to participate in a joint summer course in China, at Shantou University Law School in Guangdong Province. It was a truly amazing and eye-opening experience! After returning to Montreal, I spent the rest of the summer working as a research assistant completing various MJLH projects, both to close out my previous position as Executive English Editor and to prepare for my current role.

Quelles sont vos ressources préférées pour les nouvelles de la santé?

La page de la RDSM apparaît dans mon « newsfeed » de Facebook (, donc j’y reçois toujours des actualités de droit de la santé! Autrement, je lis l’actualité liée à la santé dans les médias généraux, par ex. le Globe and Mail, le Guardian, etc. C’est un sujet très vaste, et je trouve que beaucoup de gens partagent les articles en ligne portant sur la santé; invariablement, ce genre de « post » attire mon intérêt!

What attracted you to join the MJLH?

I came to McGill with the hope of participating in one of the journals, but without a clear idea of what options were available. While I had developed an awareness of health policy through working in medical school administration before coming to law school, I was a bit worried about not having enough of a science background for the MJLH – but I quickly learned that this is not a barrier, since all students with an interest in health and law are welcome to apply! At Clubs’ Day in my first year, I met the Executive English and French Editors, and their description of the role and enthusiasm convinced me that the MLJH was the right choice. Our journal offers students an opportunity to work on a fascinating array of topics, engage with new research, and develop important research and critical appraisal skills… right from first year!

Quels sont vos festivals d’été préférés de Montréal?

Honnêtement, je ne suis pas vraiment une grande enthousiaste de festivals d’été. Mais cette année j’ai assisté au concert de Woodkid au JazzFest – c’était une expérience formidable!

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