Getting to Know the MJLH, vol 8: Jennifer Anderson, English Executive Editor

Posted By Rosel Kim – Sep. 9, 2013

What do you do at the MJLH?

I am the English Executive Editor. Along with François Nolet-Lévesque, the French Executive Editor, I shepherd articles through the entire review and revision process, working with editors, peer reviewers, and the authors themselves to produce a high quality product that has been thoroughly vetted and is ready for publication. Communication with all the participants in the process is critical, and is just as important as the hands-on work (proofreading, checking the editors’ work, etc.) for which I’m responsible.

Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été?

J’ai suivi un cours pendant le mois de mai, puis j’ai travaillé pour le reste de l’été. J’ai travaillé pour un professeur ici dans la Faculté de droit, ainsi que pour la RDSM et pour mon ancien employeur, la Faculté de médecine à l’Université de Toronto. J’ai aussi contribué à un projet pro bono pour la SPCA canadienne.

Where do you get your health news?

“Health” as a topic is so wide-ranging that I think you can get health news from anywhere you get “regular” news – I certainly do! Of course, there’s also a case to be made that there is too much supposed health news floating around; I’m referring to complex, often preliminary research studies that are picked up and published by media outlets with little interest in – and even less understanding of – the actual significance of the results. In view of this, I try to take any scientific health news I encounter in the popular media with a grain of salt. In terms of news about health care policy and practice, I find André Picard, the Globe and Mail’s health reporter, to be consistently interesting, articulate, and balanced, but I’m happy to read anyone and everyone’s views on health care!

In your opinion, which ‘big issues’ in health law will future lawyers have to deal with?

It seems likely that the legalization of physician-assisted suicide is on the horizon in Canada, and possibly euthanasia as well; if this occurs, there will be a host of questions to be addressed around consent, capacity, liability, among other topics. Capacity itself is developing into a very interesting issue globally, and there is work underway in Canada to change how the law accommodates individuals who are considered “incapable” by current definitions. There are so many other topics as well: food security, genetic predisposition to disease, ownership of biodata, the impact of biomedical advances on damages in tort, and the list goes on! The MJLH has published on many of these topics already. That’s why working at the Journal is so fascinating: we never know what the next article submission that arrives in our inbox will be about, but we do know that it will have relevance for the wider world!

Avez-vous essayé un Montréal Food Truck cet été? Si oui, quel est votre truck favori?

Non, malheureusement je n’ai pas eu l’occasion d’en essayer.

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