Getting to know the MJLH: Kaitlin Soye, Executive Online Editor

Posted By Kaitlin Soye 202- Sep. 20, 2012


1. Pourquoi le droit de la santé?

My pre-law studies are in biomedical science. I engaged in pre- and post-clinical research investigating the effect and role of alternative therapeutics for viral infections. My academic interest in science is predominantly in alternative and natural therapeutics, and as I have transitioned into legal studies my area of interest is now in the regulation, access, and control of these novel and natural therapeutics in the western medical system. This is what peaks my interest in health law!

2. What was your favourite MJLH moment?

My favourite moment was at last year’s Colloquium on Safe Injection Sites. I have to opportunity to sit down with a former RCMP officer, his current position involves training police officers to be more aware of the particularities and health considerations when interacting with citizens who have drug addiction problems. I appreciated learning about the depth and consideration of the legal community surrounding this major issue.

3.  What is the quirkiest thing about McGill law?

I’m not sure if it’s quirky, but for the 2011 incoming class, we joined the faculty during an administrative strike. We were introduced to faculty procedures running on a skeleton, it worked for us because we didn’t know any better! When the strike was resolved, it was awkward for us to transition back into the strong support system that it exists at the faculty and again be the group that has no idea what was going on!

4.  Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été?

This summer I took a number of classes so that I may finish the LLB/BCL in 3 years. I also worked at the Centre for Genomics and Policy researching issues of retroactive biobank consent, ethical and legal considerations for genotype-driven research participant recruitment, as well as social and legal considerations for novel C. difficile treatments.

5. What are you doing when you’re not at the journal or at law school?

When I am not in school, sitting stationary at a desk or in a class, I like to be active. I coach the women’s lacrosse team at McGill. I am also a runnier, half-marathon is my favourite distance, so I like to keep up my training. And, this summer I competed in my first triathlon, and I hope to do more races in the future!

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