Getting to know the MJLH: Francesca Taddeo, Executive English Editor

Posted By Kaitlin Soye – Sep. 5, 2012

Introducing Francesca Taddeo, Executive English Editor

1. Pourquoi le droit de la santé?   

I am interested in health law because it is an area which affects each and every one of us in various ways, and with which we will have interactions during our whole lives. Also, my background is in public policy – health law is an area were law and public policy are always interacting, and this allows me to be involved in both disciplines.

2. What was your favourite MJLH moment?

There are two for me. The first was the launch of Volume 5, which happened shortly after I joined the journal. It was great to meet past and new members and get a sense of what being involved with the MJLH meant. My second was seeing the first article I had worked on as an editor be published. It was rewarding to see the results of all the hard work of the editorial team come to fruition!

3.   What is the quirkiest thing about McGill law?

I don’t know if it can be qualified as quirky, but I love the diversity of the student body and how students are not shy about sharing their perspectives or opinions, whether it be inside or outside the classroom. It rarely makes for a dull moment at the Faculty.

4. Qu’est-ce que vous avez fait cet été ?

Cet été, j’ai voyagé et ai travaillé comme assistante de recherche ici à la Faculté. J’ai aussi fait du bénévolat à la Clinique d’information juridique à McGill.

5.What are you doing when you’re not at the journal or at law school?

Running is a must for me, and being Italian, so is cooking! I also play guitar, read, and am involved in various volunteering activities.

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